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77-883: MOS PowerPoint 2010 Tests


Microsoft Office skills are necessary for a wide variety of job roles. Prove your proficiency to your employer or prospective employers by achieving your PowerPoint 2010 certification. Not only will this practice exam develop your test-taking skills and identify your weak areas, but it will significantly increase your chances of passing the actual Microsoft 77-883 certification exam.

Core users generate more complex slide shows, such as product plans, reports, and marketing materials. They create slide shows based on custom templates generated by others and frequently reuse slides. Their slides include more sophisticated data presented in visual formats, so these users need to be proficient with PowerPoint features that will enable them to manipulate these formats. Some core users work alone and others collaborate routinely with colleagues. Their presentations might be for small or large audiences, and they might be internal or external. These users need to be comfortable with pausing, moving back and forth, jumping to specific slides, drilling down to supporting data, and marking up slides.


  • Managing the PowerPoint environment
  • Creating a Slide Presentation
  • Working with graphical and multimedia elements
  • Creating charts and tables
  •  Applying transitions and animations
  • Collaborating on a presentation
  • Preparing a presentation for delivery
  • Delivering a presentation


2 Practice Tests


  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
  • Full installation of PowerPoint 2010 (not compatible with Office Mobile or Office Online)
  • GMetrix SMS current version 6.1 installed
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Prior coursework or experience with PowerPoint 2010 is recommended.


The GMetrix MOS 2010 practice test products map directly to the objectives of the PowerPoint 77-883 exam.

License Details:

All licenses are good for one year unless otherwise specified, and restricted to use by one individual. The licenses will become inactive if used by multiple individuals. Full Suite licenses allow the licensed individual to take up to 100 tests during the one year period. Single Application licenses are valid for up to 30 tests.

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Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint Tests